What I’m doing now

June 14, 2024

I’m in Penang with Tzeyu. We’ve rented the second apartment for June and it’s much more pleasant than living in hotels. For example, it comes with a perk I didn’t consider before. We let a friend’s friend stay at our place for a night! If you need to visit an island, we’re hosting!

We climb thrice per week and it’s still exciting! Our gym was closed for a few days because of national competitions but now it’s open back with new routes!

I wanted to spend my spare time coding a small Go cli app for time tracking. I’m using chrono for a few years but the author doesn’t update it and there’re features I want to be built in another way. However, now my priorities changed and I got distracted by functional programming and Phoenix Framework. It’s a new paradigm of building software for me and I’m trying new things like a new-born blind puppy.

We extended my visit pass and now I can stay in Malaysia a little bit longer. That was a long fun quest of getting these 4 allowed months, and I’m unique with all factors I had. Probably, I should I write a post about getting a social visa as a Russian nomad in SEAsia.

At the beginning of August I’m flying to Kazakhstan to meet my family. I spent much time searching for an interesting stopover and now my journey includes 21 hours in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I wanted to visit this country for a long time, but I didn’t know they have a “chillya”, the hottest period of the year. In that days the temperature can be over 40 °C 🤯

Tzeyu also started her web-blog and I STILL wish she continues filling it with her thoughts: https://yunow.bearblog.dev/so-far-whats-up-in-may/

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