Note Others About Your Trip Plans

May 11, 2023

Last days I’m helping in searching of a missing Russian girl. I don’t want to describe that story a lot as it’s midnight already, I wrote more messages and letters than I wrote in a month. and I’m very tired. So TS;RTI (too short; read that instead) is here: reddit, notion with well-structured but Russian info.

The main reason I’m writing that post is that the girl didn’t share with her plans. We still can’t understand if that was a kidnapping or if she wanted to be lost herself but let’s assume that current situation is unexpected even for her. Volunteers found all her friends, we work with her mother, we work with her international friends, we work with strangers from other countries… And no one, including close friends and relatives, knows where she planned to stay.

I travel much. I change accommodation more often than I update a toothpaste. And I got used to it. I don’t share my locations with relatives, I get new SIM cards and don’t tell anyone about my new phone numbers.

And this is wrong. One day I could be seized and my close people will spend many days just to confirm where I was and where I wanted to go. I’ll try to fix that point soon.

Btw, I have where everyone can track me. I try to update it frequently and it’s almost always valid.