Weeks Without Mobile Data

May 12, 2023

I arrived in Thailand 3 weeks ago. In 2 days, I’ll be in Laos.

And I haven’t had mobile data all these days! Well, to be more precise, I’ve purchased a monthly pack of mobile data just this afternoon. (I’ll need a connection on the road, and a weekly pack costs the same as a monthly pack.)

Let me skip the reasons and get straight to the point. That was an enjoyable challenge!

What was difficult? NAVIGATING IN A TOWN WHERE I HADN’T BEEN BEFORE WAS DIFFICULT. I remember going to a recommended place for the first time. 2 km of stress and doubt, wondering whether I need to go into McDonald’s to double-check the directions using public WI-FI.

I’ve been making screenshots of maps and memorizing roads. I’ve been exploring new restaurants without knowing their star ratings in Google Maps. I’ve been reading much more because an e-book doesn’t require internet access. And I discovered that I don’t need to be online for 15 hours a day!