Malaysian fuel prices and open data

July 29, 2023

I wanted to write a blog post about Malaysian fuel prices. RON95 petrol and diesel are subsidised by the government. Compare these graphs.

Diesel price per litre, in ringgits

RON95 petrol price per litre, in ringgits

RON97 petrol price per litre, in ringgits

These subsidies are also a reason why it’s illegal to fuel a car with RON95 if you’re a foreigner.

Did you like the graphs above?

This data and these graphs are provided by the OpenDOSM project. DOSM is Department of Statistics Malaysia. The website is a collection of DOSM’s data published by Creative Commons licenses. Frontend and Backend repositories are also published as Free Software!

And I like it. Researchers are funded by taxpayers. Taxpayers get their data freely.